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When to Go

The amazing weather in northern Brazil means that any time is a good time to go to Praia do Futuro.  With daytime temperatures never going below 27C and gentle windows around the year it is always comfortable, day or night and summer or "winter".

In Fortaleza, Brazil the warmest months are around December and January, making a great escape for visitors from Europe and North America who wish to avoid their winters.  With temperatures from 24C to 31C on most days, there are cool times during the night but it is always warm in the day.

Cooler weather is to be found in June and July when nighttime temperatures drop to 22C but it is still a warm beach going 29C during the day.  This small variation in temperature of course is caused by the location so close to the Equator meaning that amounts of sunlight received each day are nearly the same for the whole year.

Rain however is more variable, but the later part of the year from September through to December has little rain.  There is more rain during the rest of the year, but even on rainy days Praia do Futuro is often blessed with sunny periods.

It is possible to consider the weather to have two distinct seasons, the dry season and the wet season.


Month Temperature averages Rainfall
January 27C Low
February 27C Medium
March 26C High
April 26C High
May 26C Medium
June 26C Low
July 26C Low
August 26C Almost none
September 26C Almost none
October 27C Almost none
November 27C Almost none
December 27C Almost none