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What to Wear

Brazil is a conservative Catholic country.  It is also a very hot country and Praia do Futuro being a beach then light clothing is acceptable.

In Fortaleza ,as in any major city in Brazil, people dress appropriately for the hot weather and only dress smartly at night in clubs or for formal outings. 

Casual cloths are worn at all other times including of course going to the beach. 

The only choice for swimwear in Praia do Futuro for the ladies is a bikini, with a cover-up if you need one.  It would be considered most unusual to see a one-piece swimsuits and topless is also unacceptable.  Remember we are a Catholic country.


For men knee length board shorts are the norm on the beach, short sleeve t-shirts and worn at the bar or on the road.

Children older than babies should be fully dressed, it is normal for young girls of all ages to wear shorts and t-shirts off the beach, and a bikini for swimming.