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The Beach

Of course Praia do Futuro is all about the beach, being on the beaching, enjoying the beach.  Eating, drinking, sleeping, and maybe surfing if you are interested.

Praia do Futuro, the beach of the future, is one of many beaches in Fortaleza.  While Brazilians from all over the country come to Fortaleza to enjoy the best beaches, it is the locals who know that Praia do Futuro is the real place to be.

Classed as a "City Beach" because it is well within the city boundaries and has the facilities of being in a city, Praia do Futuro has the cleanest water of the beaches in Fortaleza due to its position away from the main northern coast.

Everything you need for a day, or a week, at the beach is here. 

This beach of course is "new" because it was the construction of the port which caused save patterns to change and for sand to build up here where before there was none.  Read about the history of Praia do Futuro to learn more.

Being away from the main part of the city means of course a quieter and cleaner beach, but it does not need to mean less facilities.  Due to the enterprising nature of the local population there are wonderful facilities to be found on the Praia do Future, provided out of the "tents" which now have become grand resorts but still use the name which translated into Portuguese is Barracas.  Learn more about the Barracas of Praia do Futuro here, and see a list for more details.