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History of Praia do Futuro

Considering that a beach is normally a natural feature we don't often consider their history, but as Praia do Futuro is the Beach of the Future it is actually a deliberately created area for recreation.

The city of Fortaleza decided in 1954 to take the last piece of undeveloped urban beach create along it the "Avenue of the Future", a road to provide access and infrastructure on what would be called the Beach of the Future or Praia do Futuro.  Designed originally as a place for the rich and elite of the city to live it was not immediately successful as a residential area.

In the late 1930's the construction of the Port of Mucuripe had changed the way the tides flowed in the area and created more sandy area, by half a kilometer at Praia do Futuro and made it all the more attractive as a beach.

At first the new beach was mostly used by famous personalities and intellectuals for visiting, for a "day at the beach, but not for as a residential district.  In the 1960s an effort was made to promote the area as a luxury residential district.  But by the 1970s there were still only a few buildings along the beach.  With the completion in 1976 of the road called Avenida Santos Dumont the access to the Praia do Futuro from the rest of Fortaleza was greatly improved and with that the boom in the use of the beach started.

With the completion in the 1982 of the Edificio Condominio Van Piaget the area finally became a residential one for up market residents.

Set by step more and more sophisticated facilities for local people were built on the beach, originally in tents or under straw huts these have gradually turned into the 5 star hotels and clubs we know today.  Still referred to as "Barracas" which means in the local language "tent" they are in fact high class and sophisticated recreation clubs.  You can learn more about them here.