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Praia do Futuro is famed for it's Barracas, the seaside resorts and clubs which make a visit there not just a day at a beach, but part of a luxury holiday.

Literally the word "Barracas" in Portuguese means "tent" and you can imagine that the original establishments along the beach were tents put up by local sellers of drinks and snacks.  Indeed in many beaches in Brazil and indeed in Fortaleza there are still simple services like these.

However on Praia do Futuro competition between the different beach vendors has escalated into an all out war of luxury beach services and now the "Barracas" look like the swimming pool and garden of any 5-star resort hotel.

Sit by the pool, yes the freshwater swimming pool next to the ocean, let your kids play on the water slides or enjoy other water games.  And while they are safe under the watchful eye of lifeguards you may sit at a comfortable table and drink tall drinks, or walk down to the beach and sit on a comfortable sun lounger or chair under a "palapas" or thatched-roof hut or umbrella.

Situated along the Avenida Zezé Diogo, with their backs to the road and their front to the every pleasant beach, there are more than 10 different choices, to match different budgets.  The simplest provide mostly the beach chairs and simple umbrellas, with a bar to get drinks and simple foods.  The most sophisticated Barracas have live entertainment with bands, shows and everything to keep you entertained the whole day.

Crocobeach Club is the largest and has live music and comedy shows, but it is only one of many choices.  Each person of course has their favorite and while one person may only ever go to Crocobeach another may prefer America do Sol or Saturno Beach.  Who has the best food?  The most comfortable chairs?  The cheapest beer?  Ultimately it is a matter of personal preference, and budget, hence the continuing existence of so many choices.

List of Barracas on Praia do Futuro

The bigger of the Barracas have their own web sites and you can visit those to see what special facilities they offer.  Some offer lifeguards covering not just the pool but the sea as well. At Barraca Cuca Lega for example they are proud of their all day crab BBQ on Saturdays.

Take care however that these are small business and like many small business updating their web site, rather than serving their customers on the beach, is not their first priority so you may find some of their web sites not entirely up to date.